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The software development of SURMA was initiated by our CTO, Mr Kotiranta, already in 2005 by request from the Finnish Navy. The company was founded in order to realize the idea of fulfilling Finnish Navy's need for an affordable combat survivability analysis method by integrating it to ship design process, utilizing a modern ship product model, in our case NAPA.

Surma is an independent Finnish limited liability company established in 2007 and is 80 % owned by the company's key personnel. The company's founders have considerable expertise in the field of ship design and particularly in computer models used in the design process.

The strength of our company is based on innovative personnel specialized in utilization of ship product models. Our staff includes experts on ship design and building as well as specialized software and programming professionals.

Surma Live Fire Test Team
Surma Live Fire Test Team onboard LOUHI
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Surma personnel has a strong and competitive know-how on ship design and combat survivability related aspects, even when measured on a global scale. Our staff's diverse expertise ranges from ship safety design, naval architecture and modeling, to explosion effects on structures and operations in the Navy. Combining these areas of expertise has resulted in several novel product ideas.

Surma is indisputably one of the world's leading organizations on utilizing design product models in combat survivability calculations. Starting from the establishment we have been participating continuously in numerous national and international research projects with our high technology partners and other institutes in maritime domain.

Our main research partners are Navy Command Finland, The Naval Academy of Finland, Finnish Defence Research Agency FDRA, The Naval Sea Systems Command NAVSEA and Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT. In 2014 the research partner list has two new members, Finnish Air Force and The U.S. Office of Naval Research Global, ONR Global.

In support of SURMA product development, several studies and publications have been completed. We will continue our research efforts to keep SURMA in technical lead, ahead of its competitors.


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