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"SURMA is an effective tool for vulnerability assessment and management"

The engineer Thomas Fitschen has been working at MTG for almost twenty years. They specify the needs of theirs clients and design naval ships for several navies and governments with a focus on the early process phase. Fitschen's daily work includes doing shock analysis and evaluating risks ships might encounter. Surma’s software, SURMA, is one of the tools he uses on a daily basis..."

"Collaboration with Surma brings Marioff new know-how"

“Our joint projects have mainly related to various research projects by the Finnish Defence Forces and the Navy. Surma has also consulted us in some of our own product development projects”... “From Surma, we have gained new kind of know-how for our mechanics designers. This has clearly had a positive impact on our product development projects”...

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Other testimonials

"SURMA offers MTG the opportunity to carry out vulnerability analyses within the shortest time and thus to improve and evaluate ship designs in the early design phases and in the subsequent phases in the interests of the customerst"

While modelling and simulations are already possible in the very early design phases, in the subsequent design phases, the level of detail of the model can be increased with little effort and therefore more accurate results will be achieved. In addition, the principle of the "one-ship model" can be implemented. Based on the ship design (design and hull shape, as well as steel definition, hydrostatics and stability), the created ship model can be used directly in SURMA for the vulnerability simulation.

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