Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Management

"How to manage Electromagnetic Environmental Eeffects (E3) in a navy ship project?"

"What is the optimal placement of antennas and sensors on top deck without interference?"

"How to identify and mitigate the effects of RADHAZ areas?"

We at Surma have complete suite of solution to all aspects related to EMC, EME and EMI. We can provide you the required simulations, assessments and guidance to enhance the mission capabilities and to ensure a smooth ship project in this regard.

We can offer you the expertise in the form of expertise consultancy or as an E3 Manager to take responsibility of the E3 aspects of the project so that you can concentrate on other aspects of the project.

Our trustworthy and independent expert organization have well validated, cost-effective tools and methods to offer you the best service possible.

You can expect to get e.g.

  • Installation instructions (inc. EMC management),
  • top side design, and
  • RADHAZ definitions.

  • Topside Design

    SURMA topside design tool eases the EMI and line of sight analysis of sensor and transmitter positioning by retriveng all the information straight from the design product model. Topside analysis has never been this easy in early ship design phases.

    EMI, EMC Design and Consulting

    Our EM experts have vast praxis on multiple navy design projects. Past projects vary from design and supervision of EMC shielding, topside arrangements to degaussing and mine sweeper systems. We are ready to serve you in project from boat size to carriers.